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House of Ioff Shneur-Zalman, spectacular building composing on the of corners in so-called ‘Five corners’ — crossroads of three Lomonosov, Razjezhaya and Rubinstain’s sreets. Neoclassic 6-store building was designed by Alexander Lishnvesky in 1913-1914. (at Пять углов)

Tower of Kunstkamera (Museum of anthropology and ethnography). (at Музей антропологии и этнографии им. Петра Великого (Кунсткамера) / Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera))

Yelagin palace on the island of the same name. Designed by Carlo Rossi and completed in 1822, it served as summer residence for Alexander I. (at Елагиноостровский дворец)

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