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Lomonosov Bridge across the Fontanka river, constructed between 1785 and 1787.
It is the best preserved of towered movable bridges that used to be typical for St. Petersburg in the 18th century. (at Мост Ломоносова)

Science center of robotics and technical cybernetics. It’s a think tank where half of Russian space program was planned and designed.
Building was designed by B. Artyushin & S. Savin, completed in 1987. (at ЦНИИ Робототехники и Технической Кибернетики СПбГПУ)

The Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria at the Nevsky avenue. It’s the oldest Catholic church in Russia, and the only church in Russia with the title of minor basilica presented by the Pope in July 2013. It was founded in 1738 and designed by Pietro Trezzini. Church was accomplished only in 1783 under Antonio Rinaldi supervision. (at Храм святой Екатерины Александрийской)

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